Information Technology

We offer solutions and create applications on graphic platforms of: Bentley MicroStation, Geomedia, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, GE Smallworld, or MsAccess databases, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle. These tools mainly support us in realization of different projects. Our portfolio of applications consists of both, finished products for customers, as well as dedicated solutions for internal use. Informatics provides also completely new challenges and issues, that become independent themes and IT or GIS projects. We also carry out tasks related to the analysis and verification of various public records, such as cadastral databases or electronic land registry. Another topics are applications for creation of GML format files for different types of geodetic and cartographic data sets.

We offer services in the segments of tasks:


Geodetic - information technology analysis and comparison of cadastral databases EGiB and KW

It is very timely implementation of our offer of services related to the analysis and comparison of two  cadastral databases: Registry of Land and Buildings (EGiB) and Land Register (KW).

We make detailed analysis of both public registers, which give results in the form of reports of discrepancies between databases EGiB and KW. Reports include all our search of databases inconsistency, expose obvious and perhaps errors, as well as indicate the gaps in both databases.

Sample projects:

  • County Grójec - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW and reports for state real estates (2013-2015)
  • City Bielsko-Biala - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW (2013)
  • County Pszczyna - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW and reports for state real estates (2013)
  • County Lwówek - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW and reports for state real estates (2013)
  • City Tychy - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW (2012)
  • Town Jaworzno - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW (2012)
  • County Bolesławiec - Comparison and verification of cadastral databases EGiB and KW (2012)

Applications supporting performance of on-site inspection of agricultural lots by PHOTO method

These applications, developed by us for 10 years, has been positively reviewed by 12 companies performing audits of agricultural lots in 7 provinces of the country in years 2005-2014, including our company. Certainly it can be said that extensive experience coming from these projects realization had a positive impact on the development of applications, thereby our solution is a complete, mature, focused on efficiency and quality of project execution.

Software offered by us consists of closely related applications on PC: "Inspections" and "InspectionsProtocols" - database applications in the environment of MsAccess / MsAccessRuntime / PostgreSQL application "KonRol" - mapping application in MicroStation V8 2004 / PowerMap V8 2004 and the application on PDA: "GpsFOTO".

Common features of the applications include:

  • tailor solutions to current manual of ARiMR
  • descriptive and graphical data integrated into a single database (Postgres 8.4 or MSAccess)
  • one database for all orders
  • automatic generation of inspection reports, PHOTO forms, sketches, etc.
  • multifaceted verification of data
  • monitoring of progress
  • flexibility of technology
  • compatybility with third-party software
  • on-line help
Projekt systemu GIS

Bentley MicroStation and MsAccess applications

There is a certain part of applications in the company that are developed and improved for years. These are tools that work great in our ongoing operations and in our projects. That was the origin of their creation and they served such purposes. At present, irrespective of that, they still support us, they also - with their complete form – have commercial values too. The basis of software development are platforms: Bentley MicroStation - for graphical components and MsAccess / MsSQL - for database modules.

Acquired experience gives us the ability to offer related services to different customers.

Examples of solutions:

  • "DokumentacjaEGiB" - supports the execution of division of real estates and cadastre modernization projects
    • Module "BazaDanych" streamlines work related to performance of divisions of real estates / land consolidation and as well modernization of EGiB. The database manages EGiB descriptive data, settles arable lands, creates reports, lists, produces the documents required in cadastral works.
    • Module "Sketches" enables semi-automated cadastral sketches creation, preliminary design and design of plots division on the basis of cadastral map or in a manner independent of cadastral map.
  • "InwentaryzacjaOsnowy" - supports the process of inventory of geodetic control points, enables the collection of information of control points in a uniform manner in the database, using dictionaries wherever possible. 
  • "Operaty" - supports the process of gathering and validating data of geodetic and cartographic  documentation, which is a final stage of cadastral, topographic and utility network surveys.
  • "Orders" - a group of integrated applications for management of projects, evaluation of progress and efficiency, cost monitoring, working time management (module "weekly electronic job cards" ETKP), controlling, etc. Solutions, which are well used in our company, will be a good option in any business services, especially in geodetic – cartographic profile of activity.
  • "CEDatabase" - an application for Grontmij Poland, supporting projects in accordance with the specifications of FIDIC.
Projekt systemu GISAplikacja do rozliczeń prac

Other IT services

Complementing our offer of information technology they are still types of services and projects, related to CAD/GIS, where the share of computer science is essential. Here are just a few examples of projects. More can be found in the section CAD/GIS Projects.

With current issues, attractive seems to be our offer for conversion of digital base maps to object structures of  BDOT 500. Such project we have done already.

Sample projects:

  • Convertion of digital base maps to object structures of BDOT 500 for city Rybnik (2013-2015)
  • Designing databases in ArcGIS for water balances economic, environmental, emissions and concentrations of priority substances and for Master Plans (2012-2014) - more in the section CAD/GIS Projects
  • Creating GML file for conversion of digital databases of Grodzisk Mazowiecki County (2011-2013)
  • Designing and creating databases of parish cemetery graves in town Żory (2008)